About Me

Welcome! My name is Erin and Piper Cakes is simply the name of my cake hobby. I do not own a business nor mass-produce anything. Every cake I make is custom designed and hand-crafted for my family or friends and life’s many celebrations.

Meet Erin
I began decorating cakes in 2001 when I signed up for a cake-decorating course at a local bakery. At the time, my motivation was to become skilled enough to create special birthday cakes for my own children one day, just as my mom had for my brother and I growing up. But I grew to love it more than making just a couple cakes a year. I work full-time in IT, but make cakes and take classes when I can. I enjoy learning new techniques and creating cakes for our many celebrations. Custom cakes make people happy!

What Do You Like Most?
I love decorating cakes because in today’s digital world it gives me an opportunity to be creative and make something special with my own two hands. Sculpted cakes are even more hands-on and require more thought and imagination… sculpted cakes are my favorite!

Competitions & Honors
In 2012, I began competing by entering the National Capital Area Cake Show (NCACS) when I lived in Virginia. I tend to be overly critical of my own work and confirmation of my skills by the public and professionals helps me stop and recognize all I have accomplished. I am so proud of my ribbons and being a Sugar Angel for Icing Smiles, where I can ‘Bake a Difference’ for critically ill children and their families. Please view my Honors page for more.

100% Edible
All Piper Cakes are 100% edible! With the exception of supports, like cake plates and dowels, my cakes can be eaten in whole. I embrace the challenge of making and molding all the decorations, leveraging trendy mediums like fondant, modeling chocolate, gumpaste, and isomalt. Sometimes I find creative uses for store-bought cookies and candy or make custom chocolates. Keeping everything 100% edible can be difficult, but I feel the end result is worth it.

Never Frozen
Nothing from Piper Cakes is ever frozen! I make all my cakes close to the event to preserve maximum taste and freshness.

I hope you enjoy browsing my photo galleries. Thank you for your interest. :)

~ Erin

My mom, my brother and me in 1984 with the cake she made for his 2nd birthday!