Beach Cupcakes

1 dozen chocolate and 1 dozen vanilla cupcakes iced with buttercream and decorated in assorted beach themes. Toppings include custom chocolates, gummi sharks, fresh coconut, brown sugar, fruity pebbles, teddy grahams, and drink umbrellas.


Both chocolate and vanilla cupcakes, a dozen of each. Cupcakes cook much quicker than directions say. Always check them early, early, early and remove from the oven as soon as the centers are clear. Most folks over-cook cupcakes.


A colorful, fun variety of decorations for these beach themed cupcakes. Paper drink umbrellas, gummi sharks, fresh coconut, teddy grahams, fruity pebbles and brown sugar.

Chocolate Molds

I have oodles of chocolate molds and more beach/seashell molds than any other. I filled an assortment of shell types and sizes with white and peanut butter chocolate, mixed to give them a natural shell look. Then set in a cool place for the chocolate to set.

Chocolate Piping

In order to make seaweed, I piped green tinted white chocolate onto wax paper using a leaf tip. Then placed in a cool place to allow the chocolate to set.


Once the chocolates firmed up, I removed them from the molds and wax paper and set them aside for assembly.

Beach Bears

For these I piped light brown buttercream on one half, then rolled in brown sugar for sand. I then piped light blue buttercream on the other half, set two teddy grahams in the ‘sand’ and placed an umbrella. Cute!

Sea Turtles

These are iced in light brown buttercream, then rolled in fresh coconut and topped with a chocolate sea turtle.

Reef Sharks

I iced each with a swirl of light blue buttercream and inserted a seaweed chocolate. I then placed a gummi shark and added a few fruity pebbles for a colorful reef look.

Sea Shells

These are iced with two-tone buttercream (the piping bag was half filled with light brown, the other half with light blue). I then rolled in brown sugar and added three assorted sea shell chocolates.


Voila! An assortment of beach themed cupcakes. Everything is edible except the wrappers and umbrellas. These colorful cupcakes were requested for a luau birthday party.