Bomb Birdie Cake

My son just loves Angry Birds and enjoys playing all the different themes on my iPad. The black bomb birdie is by far his favorite, so over a long weekend I made him one out of cake! Marble cakes, crumb-coated in buttercream, covered in fondant with fondant accents. I had never made a spherical cake before and very much enjoyed my first attempt. Thankfully, it was not as difficult as I thought it might be.

This page shows the progression and my creative process. : )

I love my Fat Daddio’s pans. They bake cake perfection! I baked these two hemispheres simultaneously to assemble together for the birdie orb. : )
Ooooh – don’t they look nice?The greater the distance from the edge of the pan to the center of your batter, the longer your cakes will need to bake. To keep the outside of the cake from over-cooking, I try to select pans that minimize the distance to the center. I may also reduce the heat a bit – I have found that if you bake them too hot, the outside will cook far faster than the middle.
Using my fabulous KichenAid, I made a batch of thin buttercream icing.I sliced off the ‘bottom’ of one hemisphere for the cake to sit flat on the cake board and put down a dollop of icing to prevent it from shifting around.
I leveled each cake so they would sit nicely together. I also added some buttercream icing between the layers to cement them together.
Here is the sphere all assembled. The options are endless! It could be the earth, a soccer ball, the Death Star, or even a giant eyeball for Halloween!
I crumb-coated the sphere with buttercream before covering it with fondant. Ice around the middle ring first, thoughtfully filling in any space between the two hemispheres so they will sit flat and fondant will cover nicely. Then ice the bottom half, working your way up, finishing icing on the top.
Here I am covering the crumb-coated sphere with black fondant. Black is one of the few colors that you CANNOT mix yourself if you want to obtain the true color. So I purchased black fondant for this project.Roll it out evenly on a surface of parchment paper. Place the center directly over the center of your cake, working smoothly to prevent creases or tears.
Here’s the sphere all covered down to the bottom.
Using a pizza cutter, I run it around the edge of the fondant for a very clean cut. Using my tools, I tucked it under the cake for a seamless finish.
Here’s the cake with a couple of the accents applied.For his top feather, I molded a thick piece of fondant and ran a thin dowel through it. I let it set-up for a bit so that it would be firm when it was time to place it in the top of the cake.
Here’s the Bomb Birdie all assembled! I did paint the orange accents and letters with luster dust for a bit of sheen and dimension.
Side view.
Here’s my kiddo with his favorite Angry Birds character, in both cake and gigantic pillow form! What a fun project. : )