I am so honored to be a Sugar Angel for Icing Smiles and to have made this cake for a sweet little boy, Jack, who is battling leukemia. This little guy finished 3 years of chemo and is celebrating with a ‘no more chemo!’ party. His favorite heroes are Batman, Superman and Emmet from the Lego movie – so I designed a vibrant cake to incorporate his favorites. Each Lego brick cake measures 6×12″ and is 3 layers of white cakes, filled with buttercream and rainbow sprinkles, crumbcoated in buttercream, covered in fondant and airbrushed. The color of each cake inside matches each brick. Emmet stands over 10″tall! I molded RKTs, filled in gaps with modeling chocolate, and then lovingly covered in fondant and fondant accents and airbrushed. I also created the little Lego superheroes from fondant, which are actual minifig size. Everything is awesome!