LEGO Bricks Cake

A stacked LEGO bricks cake for a special boy’s LEGO themed 5th birthday! Vanilla cakes, colored blue, with buttercream filling. Covered in fondant with fondant and chocolate accents.

Bake & Level

I started with vanilla cakes and colored them blue. Once baked I made sure they cooled completely before removing them from the pan and leveling. I couldn’t afford any breakage since I was going to cut the cake up into bricks!


The birthday boy loves blue and wanted a blue cake. So I colored the cakes blue before baking and filled the cake with vanilla buttercream, also colored blue. I added some rainbow sprinkles for a fun effect once the cake was cut.

Slice for Bricks

I thought quite a bit about how to cut a standard sized cake into LEGO pieces. My measurements led me to believe a 9×13 cake would cut nicely into these four bricks (first cut into thirds, then cut one of those thirds in half).


Once cut apart for bricks, I separated the four cakes to be covered uniquely. Each cake was crumb-coated in buttercream before covering with fondant panels.


Each brick is a different color. I measured the sides and created templates to cut out panels from rolled fondant. The LEGO nodes were cut using a circle cutter from thicker rolled fondant.


Once all the bricks were covered, I stacked together to simulate stacked, interlocking LEGOs.


After all stacked up, I began to add more nodes and clean up the lines where the fondant panels were joined on the bricks. Does it look like my scale model? :)

Finishing Touches

I made chocolate LEGOs and assemebled for the birthday boy’s name. I also cleaned up the edges of the bricks more and other cosmetic fixes.


After blowing out the candles, the cakes was sliced and served! Once cut, you can see the blue cake and fun filling the kids loved. : )