Rarity Figure

I always prefer making or molding figures for cakes. I feel simply propping a toy or plastic ‘flotsam’ on a cake takes away much of the challenge. This figure is Rarity, one of the main characters in the reinvented pony series My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. Not gonna lie, we love this show in our house. And I was a teeny bit surprised that the birthday girl chose Rarity over Princess Celestia to top her cake, but oh well. We love all the ponies. :)

This page shows a photo progression and my creative process. Enjoy!

This is Rarity – one of the 6 friends in My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. She harnesses the element of generosity. 😉
Behold the wonders of sculpting chocolate! If you haven’t tried making figures from chocolate, you must. You get a lot more flexibility as you work with your figure. Fondant begins to harden fairly quickly and if you continue to work with it, you will have cracks and tears.
I cut out a big blob of white modeling chocolate, smaller than my fist. I kneaded it in my hands to warm it up so it would be easy to mold.
Okay – so there aren’t any photos between the big blob and this. But the process is really to pinch and mold until you achieve the desired outcome! I eyeballed my working figure against a printout of Rarity to help with the shape and proportions. I used a number of sculpting tools throughout and did not cut any chocolate away. That’s right – that entire blob was simply molded into this figure without cutting any away. Behold, modeling chocolate. 😉
I crumpled small pieces of parchment paper and placed under her legs and head. I didn’t want them to droop while the figure set.
Once the chocolate was firm (a day or so), I was ready to add her hair. I colored a blob of white fondant with a couple different purple Americolors. I rolled a few pieces flat and cut away excess using a pizza cutter. Once I had the starting shapes I was aiming for, I rolled and swirled them into her tail and mane, gently attaching to the figure. I placed a dowel and cut pieces of straws within the swirls so the fondant would keep that shape while it set.
Once the purple fondant had set, I slowly removed the straws and dowel that I used to keep the shape of her curls. I placed a ruler in this shot so you can gauge her size.
Look at this mess! Notice the vodka in the picture? No, I’m not drinking it. You mix vodka with luster dust and then ‘paint’ it on with brushes. The vodka dries clear, leaving you with a shimmery awesomeness. In the photo you can see two small jars of luster dust and two white dishes for mixing with vodka. Eyeballing against my printout of Rarity, I drew on her eye using edible markers. I painted her mane and tail with purple luster dust and then painted her body with pearl luster dust, careful not to paint her eye! In this photo she looks very slimy, but that is because she is freshly painted and the vodka hasn’t dried just yet.
Ah – here she is all dry from her paint job. Once dry, I drew on her cutie mark (the three diamonds on her flank) using edible markers.
I molded Rarity so she could stand on her own. It wasn’t difficult to press her into a soft strip of fondant for support, where she remained stably throughout the party. If I had to transport this cake, it would have been a different story!
Here’s a closeup of her. :)
And here’s the inside of the cake… you can see I carried the rainbow theme all the way through. Fun cake! The birthday girl loved it. <3