Tuxedo Berries

These fresh strawberries are dipped in white and semi-sweet chocolate with chocolate bowties and buttons. Not difficult to make, especially if are familiar working with chocolate.

Wash & Dry

Start with fresh strawberries (the best are found in the summer months). Wash, dry and set aside. You must ensure they are completely dry before dipping in chocolate or the chocolate won’t stick to the berries.


Dip each strawberry in white chocolate for the shirt. Let excess chocolate drip away before you place on wax paper. Put the berries in a cool place so the chocolate can set.


Once the white chocolate has set, dip each side into semi-sweet chocolate for the jacket. Holding them by the tops is more challenging in this step, as the berries are heavier from their first coat of chocolate. Go slow…


Pipe a little bowtie and buttons on each strawberry for finishing touches. Place in a cool place again to allow the chocolate to set. Voila! Super-cute tuxedo berries dressed to kill!